Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fabric of Philadelphia

As you know, I usually write about California, but we go other places too; this blog is about Philadelphia.

The Roberto Capucci exhibition of Art into Fashion at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is spectacular.  If you can get to see it before it closes on June 5th, you will not be disappointed. Many of  Capucci's designs are sculptures of exquisite fabrics, fabulous colors and stunning textures.   The exhibition is breathtaking.

We took this museum shuttle to the Perelman Building to see the Chagall exhibition.  Another beautiful building with some of Chagall's work we had not seen previously.

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with varied and interesting architecture, both classical and modern.

 This grand boulevard, Benjamin Franklin Parkway is  lined with the flags of all nations, has fountains and statues in the median and leads to Philadelphia Museum of Art and the museum district with the Rodin Museum, Barnes Collection and the Childrens Museum which are all housed in magnificent buildings.  The purple fountain is in John F. Kennedy Plaza.

Fairmont Park sprawls through the museum district all landscaped with rocks and plants, flowers and open parkland for walking, running and various team sports.

I can recommend a ride on the Phlash trolley through this area and back to Penn's Landing on the Delaware River.  A great way to see the city for $2 a ride.

 By the way
It's easy to get around Philadelphia by trolley. subway or Phlash trolley in the summer season.  The cost is $2 a trip or 2 tokens for $3.10

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